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Network Lock Scheduler?

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Just a quick request for a simple thing that'd make life easier for those of us who like to get as much control as possible.

Some hardware doesn't give you the option to restrict internet access for set periods of time (I.E. 11PM to 5AM). If you're on a metered connection It can be crucial to make sure no software decides to run background updates while you're not watching. As an example, you may be using Windows 10 which likes to sneak around and sucker-punch you for half your monthly allotment in a single night despite the fact that you've disabled updates in every possible setting, set your connection as metered, disabled the service that schedules and downloads updates in the registry and logged out of your account and put your computer to sleep.

Me, personally? I have other ways to lock it down short of shutting down (custom liquid cooling loop, I have this belief that if I don't turn it off and let it stagnate, I'm much less likely to find things growing in it one day) but they can't be scheduled. I have to remember to manually do it every time before I walk away from my PC for the night, assuming that I was even at my PC that evening. I only have to screw up once for one or more naughty programs to gobble up $100 or more of data and leave me limping along on a throttled connection for weeks.

Being able to schedule Eddie's network lock to automatically engage and disengage every night at a set time would be a godsend, and it would literally save me pockets of money. It's a simple feature, and I'm sure a lot of other people would love it too. I'm not the only one out there that hates waking up to an update screen or patch notes.

It's probably going to take me about 5 minutes to find a separate app that'll do it, but the less items running in the background the better, right?

Thank you for reading!

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