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Installing Eddie 2.16.3 on Ubuntu Mate 19.10

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I'm using Ubuntu for the very first time on my new raspberry pi 4 B and I'm struggling to install the Eddie Client 2.16.3.

When "choosing my flavor" of Eddie I'm selecting "Linux", then "ARM Raspberry PI", then "Debian / Ubuntu". 
I then get an error come up "Error: Wrong architecture 'armhf' -- Run dpkg -- add-architecture to add it and update afterwards". I must be doing something wrong somewhere? Help please!

Thank you

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Does your Ubuntu for Raspberry have a 64 bit architecture?

You might also test the following software but just like Eddie for Raspbian, it is 32 bit, so you might face the same arch problem:

We don't rule out, anyway, a 64 bit release for Raspberry in a very near future. Currently it's all 32 bit because Raspbian is only available with a 32 bit arch for Raspberry:Kind regards


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I think you are running a 64-bit Ubuntu with architecture arm64, hence, only arm64 packages will work out of the box.
I cannot tell you whether enabling multiarch by executing that dpkg command it put out will make it run. In theory it will, and you can experiment and report back so we learn something. If you already have production data on it, perhaps it's not advisable. And maybe someone else can provide more insight.

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@Staff Hi, yes its arm64. I've used Windows all my life so this is all a bit confusing and will be using my raspberry pi as a mini download PC, I saw that Eddie was available on Ubuntu which is why I've installed it on my PI. 

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Ok, to clarify:

Your Raspberry has an ARM 64 bit.
Raspbian for Raspberry has a 32 bit architecture, while Ubuntu 64 bit.
Binaries compiled for x86 can not be run in ARM processors and vice-versa.

Eddie for Linux is compiled for x86-64 (and not ARM).
Eddie for Raspberry is compiled for ARM 32 bit, because Raspbian is only 32 bit.
OpenVPN 3 AirVPN is compiled for Linux x86-64 and Raspbian 32 bit ARM.

The logic behind the above choices was that up to Raspberry PI 3+, the most commonly installed OS was Raspbian 32 bit, and various Linux 64 bit could not be installed on PI 3 and 3+

We will soon provide a solution (a matter of a week or so), by building a version of OpenVPN 3 AirVPN for ARM 64 bit, so you will be able to run it in your Raspberry with Ubuntu 64 bit.

In the meantime, to connect your Raspberry Ubuntu 64 bit to our service, you can run OpenVPN 2.4.x. Instructions are here:

Kind regards

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