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getting error 403 on you tube

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First sorry if this post it on wrong forum.

I am trying to download a youtube video to convert to mp3, (i have done many and work find) this video and all of them from the same fellow give the same error 403, 
at one point said that had to do of 'port 80' to change some numbers. this is the link i have being trying:


Error downloading https://r6---sn-nx57ynls.googlevideo.com/videoplayback?expire=1570502739&ei=8qObXeP7N5mtkgaJtb6YCg&ip=,26&mn=sn-nx57ynls,sn-n4v7knlz&ms=au,onr&mv=m&mvi=5&pl=23&initcwndbps=1717500&mime=audio/mp4&gir=yes&clen=111483221&dur=7019.252&lmt=1541417777213881&mt=1570481082&fvip=5&keepalive=yes&fexp=23842630&c=WEB&txp=5533432&sparams=expire,ei,ip,id,itag,source,requiressl,mime,gir,clen,dur,lmt&lsparams=mm,mn,ms,mv,mvi,pl,initcwndbps&lsig=AHylml4wRQIhAJ6tKdCZj3KGJLkER3cu59WfhRNJ6eaHGNZe3JPpr8wTAiATkhM725Owoy94HS0ksLjbcGMFpeZf9b2583np5gV4uA==&signature=ALgxI2wwRgIhAOdEeX-wOGDINeCYi-9J1dmBGR8H3MTqDxFpP-uZs-xFAiEAi4OFsgam4VUpWFoLfH3Gcf%3-Wa8aIMa-a0lE04fWeV8AD - server replied: Forbidden Error code: 403'....

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Not sure if this en relation to airVPN to not, any help be appreciated or send to the right direction 


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