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    last0ne reacted to zhang888 in wiie channels   ...
    Depends on the wife

    But yes, 5G is less crowded and if both your client and router can use those channels, they
    will have less interference, however you must check if you don't actually maximize your router
    speed, on cheap routers without proper QoS if you saturate your entire channel they will go
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    last0ne reacted to giganerd in wiie channels   ...
    I've seen this quite often. If your device predominantly uses the 5G WiFi band, connecting with OpenVPN via UDP will result in exactly the symptoms you are seeing.
    Either use a cable or, if that is not possible, not practical or simply not wanted, resort to the 2.4G band or use TCP to connect. Port and server do not matter.
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    last0ne reacted to LZ1 in Is A Website Blocked? Then Check This Guide First [Feedback Appreciated]   ...
    Hello !
    When a website is blocked or things aren't working so well somehow, that sucks. But posting a new topic will not automatically help.
    So before posting a new thread/topic, I recommend that you try these things first, to help yourself and everyone else out:

    Things To Try First

    Try check out the AirVPN Route Checking tool. Put the name of the website, such as www.netflix.com into the search field. Click search. Then refresh the page & look at the HTTP column. Try and change the server that you're using; especially to servers from other countries, rather than just servers from the same country you were first connected to, as sometimes the servers of 1 country are all having issues. Especially if the Route Checking tool shows a red color in the HTTP colum or codes like 403. The HTTP Codes mean different things. Try check out ipleak.net and make sure that the IP & DNS address fields only show 1 address each: those from AirVPN. Otherwise your ISP could be blocking you. For Windows, try going to your Control Panel>>Internet Connections>>Change Adapter Settings>>Right Click each adapter>>Properties>>Untick IPv6>>Click Ok. Similar steps for MacOS/Linux. Try use the AirVPN forum search field in the top right corner, to see if a similar thread exists already. It's better and easier if all the same posts are in the same thread. Try click the "Most Viewed" button, on the horizontal blue line, under the black "Start New Topic" button, in order to see the most viewed threads easily & quickly. Try and check that your ISP or country isn't listed here. Because these ISPs block various things. Try and check if the website is listed here. Sites listed here should be automatically unblocked, regardless of which server you use. (This is called "Micro-routing"). Try and see if the content you want, is available via a torrent site, if you wish. You could then use qBittorent to download it using P2P technology, which AirVPN fully allows. (Not all VPNs do)
    Does AirVPN Care About Blocked Sites?

    Yes! AirVPN Staff routinely reply to all kinds of different threads on these forums. This includes replies to threads about Netflix. Moderators do too! However due to there being a lot of new threads, they don't always reply to each one. Especially if the thread already exists; such as the many threads about Netflix. This is why it's important to keep all posts about the same website, in the same threads, instead of just making a new thread, which won't get any attention. But the problem is, that AirVPN or even any other VPN provider, can't always do anything about blocks. That's the truth. Because sites like Netflix actively try to block VPNs. It's in AirVPNs Mission Statement to fight all kinds of blocks or attempts at censorship; so it's not because Air isn't trying to fix things.
    When You Post A Thread, Consider This

    If you absolutely have to post, then please include: a link to the blocked website, the AirVPN server you used, any error messages you got & any replies from support staff from the blocked site. You get bonus points if you also tell us that you already tried the route checking tool and other things listed in the first section. . Double the bonus if you post in an existing thread instead. Posting also doesn't guarantee that the problem will be fixed. But if you follow the suggestions here, then you will make fixing the problem both quicker and easier for Air & everyone else :].  
    If you have questions or suggestions, please do not be afraid of posting them here or sending me a PM. If you're new to VPNs, then please feel free to check out my New User guide.
    Please do provide feedback on this thread if it helped you or is missing something!
    Thank you for reading !
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    last0ne reacted to Johnny B in Netflix blocking AirVPN Exit node   ...
    They are probably going to lose customers that trick the system to watch it for free   
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    last0ne reacted to freedom23 in Netflix blocking AirVPN Exit node   ...
    Yup, German servers are blocked as well! 
    Netflix is looking to lose customers it seems! …if they start blocking VPNs, they will lose half their customers!
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