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ANSWERED What OS (and Ver.) do you think is best for Eddy?

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Hello AirFriends! Looks like a great community here!

AirbVPN is my favourite after a 1 month research!
So yeah.. I'm a newbie and I was wondering what the community has to say about best operating systems for Eddy?

  • Which OS is simpler to configure?
  • Make changes as easy as possible?
  • Get a newbie familiar with what AirVPN has to offer, fast?

I don't mind using any Mac OS, Win OS, or Linux OS.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello and welcome!

12 hours ago, 7777s said:

Which OS is simpler to configure? 

All are equal because Eddie takes care of them all. Every OS has its special settings you should take care of if you want to be "safe". For example, disabling smart DNS in Windows or taking note of the differences between the distribution's implementations of networking.
I am a Linux user, proudly switched from Windows a few years ago and never looked back for a second. It's quite easy here to setup leak prevention because of the network profiles you can configure. Switch with two clicks on any desktop environment. I am not sure whether this is possible on Windows, I can only remember 7, 8 and 8.1 where you need to switch network settings manually. Not sure if Windows 10 finally gives you the opportunity to create multiple profiles.
12 hours ago, 7777s said:

Make changes as easy as possible?

Depends on the changes, I guess. Which one did you have in mind for an example?
12 hours ago, 7777s said:

Get a newbie familiar with what AirVPN has to offer, fast?

No matter. Use Eddie and a webbrowser for things like port forwarding, they give you all the possibilities.

Also, it all sounds like you haven't read LZ1's New User Guide, link in my signature. Take 30 minutes of your time and go through it, it answers a load of questions, even if you need to read quite a lot (which by the way is how you learn Linux mostly :D).

Four simple things:
There's a guide to AirVPN. Before you ask questions, take 30 minutes of your time to go through it.

Amazon IPs are not dangerous here. It's the fallback DNS.
Running TOR exits is discouraged. They're subject to restrictions on the internet and harm all AirVPN users.

Furthermore, I propose that your paranoia is to be destroyed. If you overdo privacy, you'll be unique among the mass again.


XMPP: gigan3rd@xmpp.airvpn.org or join our lounge@conference.xmpp.airvpn.org

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