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I choice today to use different wife channels to avoid conflicting with other networks and as a result eddie kept disconnecting me, and not aloud me to quit the app, I have to put wifi in back on in automatic connection rather than the channels I selected (e.g.2, and 36)?

if I chose to do selected a channel rather than automatic detection why I can't?

today eddie keeps on disconect me several times , in the middle of downloadin files.



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I've seen this quite often. If your device predominantly uses the 5G WiFi band, connecting with OpenVPN via UDP will result in exactly the symptoms you are seeing.
Either use a cable or, if that is not possible, not practical or simply not wanted, resort to the 2.4G band or use TCP to connect. Port and server do not matter.

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On 6/15/2019 at 2:04 AM, last0ne said:

to use different wife channels to avoid conflicting with other

Depends on the wife ;)

But yes, 5G is less crowded and if both your client and router can use those channels, they
will have less interference, however you must check if you don't actually maximize your router
speed, on cheap routers without proper QoS if you saturate your entire channel they will go

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