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Win7 Create a VPN connection with Win7 64bit

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has someone tried to use win7 network configuration as VPN connection?

Meaning not using openvpn, creating a new network connection in Win7 and connecting then to AirVPN.

I was trying it before but was not successful.

Thanks for the service

a happy user

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Hi HansUser,

I don't think it can be done without the OpenVPN client using MS Win7 alone.

That said, you might want to play with Shrew Soft VPN client. If I remember correctly it speaks a lot of dialects and is very configurable ... not necessarily easy to use, though.




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Thank you for your questions!

An OpenVPN client is indispensable to connect to an OpenVPN server. We have picked OpenVPN for security reasons. OpenVPN offers unrivalled security and a series of unique, extremely useful and important features.

OpenVPN is not included in any operative system by default. If you download our AirVPN client (for Windows) you will be given the choice to automatically install OpenVPN, if it's not already installed on your system. AirVPN client will take care of proper configuration for your account every time it starts OpenVPN client. Other operative systems users may easily have their configuration files prepared on this site by clicking on "Access without our client" and copying all the files in the OpenVPN configuration directory.

As far as we know, Shrew VPN client supports IPsec, which is incompatible with OpenVPN.

Kind regards,

AirVPN admins

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Hi Admins

thanks, with OpenVPN it is running fine, but was thinking I can integrate it into the OS.

Ok I go reading OpenVPN documentations.

thanks your and the previous answer.

Cu The happy user

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