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Latency problems with London AirVPN M247 servers

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I'm in the UK. For a number of weeks/months, I have had intermittent problems using AirVPN M247 servers in London. Currently Geminorum, previously Alshain, Asterion.

The problem manifests as slow browsing with occasional total network freezes, on occasions this was associated with slow speed tests. (appox 2Mb/s).

On investigation there appears to be extended periods of increased latency using these London servers. When using them I see 100-200 ms pings to nearby sites instead of a more normal 25ms.

On further investigation traceroute shows the added latency occurs at between node lonap.as9009.net and the rest of the UK,  which I think is to do with the London M247 data centre peering to the rest of the UK. I don't see increased latency if I try from Amsterdam. So I see the high latency between Airvpn servers (UK Maidenhead) Kitel and (London) Geminorum but not between (Netherlands)  Alphard and (London) Geminorum.

So my guess is that the London M247 data centre has some kind of regular problem/bottle neck peering with the rest of the UK  and this might be what is causing my occasional slow browsing,

Do you know anything about this? Can anything be done to fix it?

I don't know a lot about networking so please expect and forgive any false/ignorant assumptions.

Obviously, as a work around, I can just use other UK servers, so the issue isn't critical.



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I can confirm that this is still happening. Current problems:

Alshain - Can't connect to it at all
Asterion - Connection speed around 3Mbps
Geminorum - Either can't connect or no response after connection.


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