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AirVPN on ASUS router and Eddie on workstation - Overkill?

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I was curious what would happen if I used AirVPN with ASUS Merlin router and have Eddie installed on a windows 10 workstation at the same time.   


Obv trying to avoid IP leaking.  Would using AirVPN on an ASUS router with Merlin be just as reliable as the Eddie software?   Eddie has been rocksolid and as far as I know has never had a leak, the network lock works great.. But I would really love to switch things up and get a new router with AirVPN installed on it.    I have concerns that the killswitch or lock on the router is not as realiable as Eddies custom client.  


On the ASUS router, if I use the .ovpn file from AirVPN and also configure the killswitch policy rules to only let out VPN connections would that be just as reliable as the Eddie client?    


Is it possible to install the client on the PC along with AIR on the router?  That way most of my devices will use the router vpn and a couple workstations can use the Eddie client and connect to the VPN router, kinda like a double killswitch.  


Im just looking for ideas or any feedback.   Which would you guys trust more... the killswitch on router or network lock on eddie?


Thank you! 

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Merlin firmware using the policy routing option gives you the additional option to block VPN routed clients if the tunnel goes down.  Is that the "killswitch" you're talking about?


Yes, that's exactly it. 





Redirect Internet Traffic:  Policy Rules


routed clients:  (source)192.168.mysubnet.0/24   (destination)      ‘VPN’ as the Iface     


Block routed clients if tunnel goes down is set to:   yes. 

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