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pfSense + AirVPN + one device bypassing the VPN (Securely!)

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Hi, I am using AirVPN with TLS Crypt through my pfSense router, and while it's great in the restricted place I am in, it's slowing down the connection quite substantially. I am on a 80 Mbit line and get only 15 Mbit with the connection I have.


My NAS needs to sync to cloud storage (Qnap TS i3 16GB RAM) and I would like to allow the NAS to bypass the VPN, as it only connects to those services. It would also help garble my internet traffic so it's not just showing on permanent server connection the whole time which in itself could be seen as suspicious.


Question: without compromising the rest of the infrastructure, what is the easiest way for the NAS to allow to communicate out on say, port 80 and 443?


The point is, I am not trying to stay anonymous with my internet connectionI am just trying to access services that are forbidden in the country and have that feeling of privacy.


Would anybody have a good tutorial they found? I don't want to mess up my config.

Thanks guys!


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There are different ways to setup pfsense so this is not an easy thing to help with.  And, this isn't an AirVPN topic but a pfsense topic.  So, it should be moved to an off topic section.


If it were my setup I'd create NAT outgoing and LAN firewall rules that allow a device out the WAN instead of the VPN.  But, I don't know how you've set yours up.

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