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Restore profile at boot not working ?

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Hello everyone


I'm currently on a trial, and set up AirVPN successfully both on my NAS and Android terminal.

So far, everything is working nicely.

The one thing I couldn't do until now is getting my phone to connect to the VPN at boot. I've read that it was only available for OpenVPN profiles, so I imported one as well.

However, on startup, nothing happens. As I'm in Always-On mode, I get a notification stating that no VPN connection has been established.

When I open the Eddie app for the first time after reboot, it does connect to the profile by itself, but I still need to open the app manually.

My device is a Nokia 7 Plus, running Android P.


Perhaps unrelated question, but what are the "Authentication" settings used for ? (the ones between DNS and System sections).

I did already put my airvpn credentials above, along with the master password.

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Thank you for the information. The whole part pertaining to auto start and auto connection at boot or reboot has been completely rewritten on Eddie 2.1. Together with other, several changes, we should be able to release a first public beta for Eddie 2.1 at the very beginning of February. The rewrite aims to resolve various issues at boot including the one you experience.


We see anyway that even OpenVPN for Android and openvpn-connect fail regularly to reconnect at boot on specific devices or on specific events, and we see how it's a general issue on different devices with different Android versions. Everything is being kept into account to make such issues limited to as few devices as possible.


Kind regards

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