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High Performance VPN-Router

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I was wondering what VPN-router hardware some of you are using. With my router and VPN-accelerator I can reach up to 80 Mbit/s. What equipment are those with > 300 Minit/s using?


Thanks for your advice!

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Asus is making some router(s) with AES-NI CPUs now (e.g. ac86).


But, if you really want performance then build your own with an AES-NI capable desktop CPU running pfsense or the like.

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Thank you for your reply. Do you have any recommendation on how to bulid "best practice" ?



There's a guide for pfsense on this website/forum, or there are others around the web.


The hardware build doesn't have to be spectacular.  Just an AES-NI CPU, small amount of RAM, small hard drive, dual network card, power supply and motherboard, of course.  I was building pfsense box at lowest cost and what was cheapest for me was a regular tower case sort of setup.  Putting the parts together wasn't difficult.  If you've never done it, you can certainly find help online.  Anyway, I'm talking only like $150 was spent but it'll do at least 430mbit/s with AirVPN.  I don't know how much higher because that's my ISP max.


Some people need the box to be small and pretty and I don't know how to accomplish that except to just buy one.

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I would like to add that in terms of speed and function, Pfsense is the way to go with suitable hardware. Bit of a learning curve, but ultimately worth it. I have tried various routers with Tomato etc. and they do not come close to performance of a pfsense box.

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I am using a Debian container inside Proxmox VE as a secondary router for traffic I want to route through the VPN. It's a base debian server image with OpenVPN installed. I enabled IP forwarding, setup iptables and route guest networks and certain IPs through it. I have modest hardware and I'm able to get up to 350 Mbps down. My ISP is 400/20 Mbps.


My primary router is a Ubiquiti Edgerouter X, and can also run OpenVPN, but the hardware is only capable of ~ 20 Mbps.

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