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ANSWERED AirVPN not working after testing out other VPN

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Today I bought a trial of PIA just to test it out and see how it compared to AirVPN. Well, I installed the PIA client on my Windows computer and wasn't satisfied with PIA, so I uninstalled PIA, uninstalled the TAP driver, then uninstalled Eddie as well to make sure nothing went wrong. Well, it did go wrong somehow. I reinstalled Eddie, logged in, it automatically installed the TAP driver again, and then it wouldn't connect to any servers at all, so I uninstalled and reinstalled again, restarted my PC, and now when I connect to a server with Network Lock on, it looks like there is a DNS error of some sort. Previously, when I went to ipleak.net, the DNS testing was near instant and it said "1 server". Now, it takes a very long time for it to test the DNS and it says "0 servers, 100 errors". Also, loading websites works at first, but 3 or 4 minutes after connecting to VPN, domain names will just not resolve. I type in google.com or airvpn.org and it just stays loading forever. Please help, I have no idea what is wrong either because the Eddie log is perfectly normal as if there were no issues. I have restarted the PC a few more times and uninstalled and re installed Eddie a few times but still no dice

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Sounds like dns assignment or queries are being blocked once connected, and existing resolutions in the cache (from before connecting) expiring or getting flushed after ~5 minutes (even though they should be getting flushed during the connection process and failing right away).


Sorry if sounds like dumb question, but when connected via Eddie does ipconfig /all show the correct dns entries for the TAP adapter, ie does it show

If yes, with network lock temporarily off does it show this same behavior once connected?  Running any other security software who might be blocking dns queries to 10.4.x.x? When you reinstalled eddie after fully uninstalling, did you re-setup preferences\settings exactly the same way as before (force tap up\allow lan\private\ check airvpn dns\other dns settings\ netlock settings \ etc in eddie for your particular setup?  /Just throwing some ideas out there before you maybe have to open a ticket.

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There was absolutely no need to uninstall/re-install/rinse&repeat the programs as many times as you did. It's decisions like this that lead to all kinds of issues. I guess it's the Windows mentality from years of hand holding by Microsoft.


First, check your decision making process 

Ensure you are running the latest version of openvpn for windows and it's configured correctly - you'll figure it out

Check the firewall settings. It's a convoluted firewall that has been known to randomly block programs

Check your network settings for any DNS configurations that may have changed, assuming you know what to look for

Open a browser to ensure you have a good connection to the www

Start Eddie

Open preferences and check that Eddie is running default configuration just to be safe

Turn off network lock feature 

Open the servers tab, select a close, fast server and connect to it

Open a browser to make sure you can connect

If that doesn't work, look through this forum for Windows users issues, there are plenty of them.

Stop the removing and re-installing the client and the associated software, it does 't help anything.

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Thank you guys . What ended up solving it was me going into Windows settings and doing a network reset (resets configurations of all network adapters to default). Somehow after doing that, I'm getting 5-10Mbps faster than I did before I had the problems, so that's good too

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