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Cybersec NordVPN equivalent?

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I like the cybersec funcfion from NordVPN to Block ads. Can we use equivalent funcfion with airVPN?

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You "can use" ad-blocking with Air, yes.


But if you mean Air implementing a feature like Nords, then no, because that's not Airs job to do and is more of a marketing gimmick to insinuate more features, rather than something which is actually crucial for security.


If you want ad-blocking, then simply add the appropriate software or hardware. Whether that's a pi-hole or a browser plugin such as uBlock Origin.

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im biased towards pi-hole


Problem with pi-hole is that it is not browser aware, and cannot adjust content based on filters unlike uBlock Origin.

As an example, take your pi-hole rules, and try to visit a heavy ad-infected site like BBC/CNN/NYT.

Do you see the issue? Pi-hole will nullroute the ads. but leave blank spaces in your browser.

The new adlocking technology is not only about sending trackers to, but also about re-drawing the origin.

Solutions like uBlock Origin are better for desktop users. Pi-Hole is better for mobile devices without native ad solutions.

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