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My Trustpilot Review of AirVPN

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In ten plus years of subscribing to multiple vpns I've found myself growing increasingly disgusted by all the marketing hype. The vpn world has as much marketing hype/BS as any industry I've ever seen. Any business that hypes itself inevitably winds up making gross exaggerations and, left unchecked, that inevitably leads to outright lies (PureVPN, IPVanish, and others claiming they don't log). When it comes to my personal security I have no time for hype. So for me to discover AirVPN a couple years ago was a perfect match. Zero marketing hype. In fact zero marketing at all. They don't advertise. They don't pay for "reviews," so you won't find them on those so-called "review" sites. Most of their customers appear to be seasoned vpn users who don't tolerate BS and demand first rate service. AirVPN delivers that and at a reasonable price. It's also given me the opportunity of learning far more about netsec than I ever could have elsewhere, both from Air's support staff and from other Air customers on their forums. The level of their technology and security is dramatically better than all but perhaps one or two others, but for half the money. Two things I wish they had are neural routing and multi-hop/chaining, but if they did they might have to charge what Perfect Privacy charges, which I'm unwilling to pay. As it is I find the level of security they offer with OpenVPN over Tor, OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH to be as good as it gets. AirVPN may not be the best suited, however, for newbies and neophytes who are looking for a minimalist plug and play solution and expect everything to work immediately without having to know anything themselves. Air is extremely feature rich offering options that even some of the most expensive vpns don't. It has features that I didn't know I needed, but now that I've used them couldn't live without. AirVPN does have excellent customer support, but they tend to be geared more for those who take security seriously and are willing to invest a little time toward that goal.

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