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Craigslist.org blocked from all airvpn servers

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Cannot access craigslist.org or any specific regions of website from any of airvpn servers.


I checked the airvpn tool, https://airvpn.org/routes/ it is giving HTTP status "failed" or 302 for all airvpn servers for craigslist website. That is not correct.


Please fix this, craigslist is frequently accessed website by most of the users.


Also, Yelp is still not accessible from all the airvpn servers which I posted few days earlier and have not seen any solution for that too. 




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Using a netherlands server I can confirm craigslist works. Yelp gives a 'sorry you're not allowed to access this page' error.

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Im having trouble pulling it up, Im connected to Sabik in Los Angeles. I can ping it no problem, but it looks like its going slow as hell to connect and open the webpage. The title of the page loaded though, I can read it in the tab its opening in, but it is going sloooooooow. Its taken about 7 minutes now and the page isn't even halfway loaded. Sabik just came off maintenance though, and Im connecting with IPv6, but other sites are pulling up just like normal. Maybe they're having a bad server day or something?


Theres nothing to do about Yelp as far as I know. Its the same deal as Netflix. They've actually blacklisted our servers, and don't want people connecting through VPNs. Which is really stupid cause Ill just go read Google reviews instead of theirs and be fine with it if they wanna pull that.



EDIT: Ok after about 10 minutes it finally loaded. Now it looks like its going to take another 10 minutes just to load the music instruments classifieds.. So its not blocked in Los Angeles, its just slow as hell.

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Posted ... (edited)

Currently connected to a Aludra (Toronto, Canada AirVPN server) and attempting to access the main "craigslist.org" gets a plain white page with this:

This IP has been automatically blocked.If you have questions, please email: blocks-b1528450842700259@craigslist.org


EDIT:  The above connection to Aludra was with Eddie set to "Automatic" in the Protocols preference, running on MacOS (latest High Sierra).  Changing the protocol settings in Eddie to one of the new tls-crypt options (UDP), and reconnecting to Rana ("Gen 2" server, also in Canada), I do NOT get the above message.  However, the webpage itself took several minutes to load.  (Craigslist.org redirected me to "toronto.craigslist.ca" due to Rana's physical location, I'm guessing, fwiw).

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