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Autoupdate/check for update feature?

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So, yesterday night I logged in on airvpn to check the remaining time of my subscription and I randomly navigated through the forums to see what's new.

And to my surprise I found that Eddie is on 2.14.4 version, while the version I was using was 2.10. And this has troubled me ever since.


Is there a reason why there isn't an autoupdate/check for updates feature on Eddie? To my knowledge, even the most basic/indie/FOSS programs have a "check for update" option implemented. I would like to know the reasoning behind this.



Thank you!

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Check for update is Windows BS. On GNU/Linux your package manager does this for you. I'm on Arch and can install and update both stable and beta versions from the AUR. But to your point: Honestly, I don't know.

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I forgot to disclose that I am on Windows 7 (although it's obvious since, like you said, GNU/Linux does this automatically). But still, I don't see any valid reason NOT to have the ability to check for updates from inside the program.


It doesn't make much sense to have to check the forums for updates. Especially for security reasons.

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