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So, yesterday night I logged in on airvpn to check the remaining time of my subscription and I randomly navigated through the forums to see what's new.

And to my surprise I found that Eddie is on 2.14.4 version, while the version I was using was 2.10. And this has troubled me ever since.


Is there a reason why there isn't an autoupdate/check for updates feature on Eddie? To my knowledge, even the most basic/indie/FOSS programs have a "check for update" option implemented. I would like to know the reasoning behind this.



Thank you!

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Check for update is Windows BS. On GNU/Linux your package manager does this for you. I'm on Arch and can install and update both stable and beta versions from the AUR. But to your point: Honestly, I don't know.

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I forgot to disclose that I am on Windows 7 (although it's obvious since, like you said, GNU/Linux does this automatically). But still, I don't see any valid reason NOT to have the ability to check for updates from inside the program.


It doesn't make much sense to have to check the forums for updates. Especially for security reasons.

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I too came to the site for another reason and stumbled upon the fact that there was an updated version that I knew nothing about. I searched for auto-update and there were only 2 entries neither of which had any information about were an auto-update was to be found or why it was not available. I could not find  any information about how a user could check for an update from Eddie or how Air would inform users.

Is there a way to be informed of updates without having to figure out my current version and then having to come to the website and check to see if there is a new version? I must be missing something but am not sure what it is.

Having to come to the website periodically to see if there is an update is certainly not best practices. It's awkward and cumbersome.

If there is a simple process that I'm unaware of, could someone please inform me on what to do.

Thank You.

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Wow. :DThe lengths Windows people must go to stay informed and ultimately updated is hilarious.

I would like to point everyone to Chocolatey here. It's basically a Windows software manager akin to package managers on Linux. It uses official Microsoft technologies (NuGet, actually a package manager for .NET) to download, install and uninstall software. One command is enough to update every software installed – exactly like on Linux.
Only works for software installed through Chocolatey, though, for obvious reasons. But you can simply reinstall an existing software through Chocolatey and it will be seen as installed by Chocolatey, making updating possible with that one command. And you can install pretty much anything you'd normally install on Windows, be that related to office or gaming.

Eddie is installable as well. Might be a better idea than the most cringe way of staying informed I've seen so far around here. :D No offense.

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