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ANSWERED Unable to connect on AsusWRT - how to troubleshoot?

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I have RT-AC87U with official firmware. I have followed the official AirVPN guide.


When I hit "Connect" button, it switches to "Disconnect" button. However the connection state shows running progress circle with "Connecting..." hint. Any diagnostic shows that I am not connected.


The system log shows this:


Apr 23 14:03:01 rc_service: service 3984:notify_rc start_vpnclient5
Apr 23 14:04:01 rc_service: service 4238:notify_rc start_vpnclient5
Apr 23 14:05:01 rc_service: service 4294:notify_rc start_vpnclient5
Apr 23 14:06:01 rc_service: service 4349:notify_rc start_vpnclient5
(I don't do anything)
I have tried restarting router - does not help. I tried using ISP's, Google's and AirVPN's DNS - does not make a difference.
Any ideas what might be wrong, or how can I troubleshoot this? 

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Unfortunately, even with detailed log - there are no clues.


ASUS support asked me to upgrade firmware to beta http://asus.ru/ftp/NW_TO_TEST/RT-AC87U_3.0.0.4_382_50331-g086439b.trx - which doesn't seem to be available on the web-site and also not found via router's UI. It did not help.


I made a factory reset on the router after the firmware upgrade, re-setup all settings. 


And now it is working. Seems to be fine. However, it is not clear what the problem was. 

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