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Alternative AirVPN client with provider-independent double-hop support (GNU/Linux)

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nice one, but i have a question... is there a way to build this on/for windows?

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Just a few words to say that i installed qomui on a raspberry pi 4 (using the instructions a few posts back), and it works very well...

I was not initially trying it as a replacement for eddie (i have some performance issues with my connections and wanted to see whether the client had an influence: it does not), but now i will consider it as true alternative for the venerable but slowish eddie 🙂

A suggestion: when applying some options, the ui goes into an irresponsive mode for some time. It would be nice to have a popup say something like "Please wait while i am working" and close when it's done ?
(to figure out when the ui was responsive again i was clicking on the scrollbar ... it works, but it is sub-optimal 😜 )
A question: the network lock in eddie is essential for me, does the 'activate firewall' use the same iptable rules as in eddie ?

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I cant download server from mullaved. All time downloaded from half an hour. Can I connect to double-vpn using two AirVPN servers? How to do it? How to correctly configure the firewall? Thanks!

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After installation of version 0.8.3, automatic startup program after computer startup and automatic connect to the server, there is a leak DNS. If i make reconnect - all ok. Also, if don't use function "autoconnect" during start OS, and manually connect to server, all ok too. It also does not work in function "use always" dns servers. i see too dns of my provider. On version 0.8.2 was ok.
I use xubuntu 18.04.3. Also now i tried Eddie-ui, i saw same problem, if check box "Check AirVPN DNS" activation, vpn just don't connect. If i turn off this function, vpn work, but dns leak too..
How i can fix it?
I think problem in method in logs: "DNS: Set IP and IP as dns servers via systemd-resolve"
before in 0.8.2 qomui used resolv.conf, maybe this..


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