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No Local Network Access Before Starting Eddie in Ubuntu 16.04

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I cannot access or see my Ubuntu 16.04 computer without starting Eddie with network lock enabled.


I access this computer remotely within my LAN. I installed Eddie/Airvpn remotely with no issues. I was able to activate network lock and access the VPN service.


Once I restarted my Ubuntu machine I could not see it remotely. I have to enable the network lock to get access to my network. I am running the ubuntu machine headless.


I have tried using commands to start the airvpn client automatically, as this would suffice. However, I cannot get that to work, and if it did, Eddie GUI has a password prompt that I cannot manipulate remotely.



Anyone have an idea where I should start?


PS: My ubuntu knowledge is limited to about 20 hours of intense googling, and successfully running samba/VNC with local connectivity. I am quite familiar with PC terminology though.







I added "iptables --policy INPUT ACCEPT" to rc.local. The accept policy is persistent even when Eddie is running(Eddie adds rules below it). Remote protocol is working. Samba server is no longer able to start due to upstart error if Eddie is not started with network lock on.

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it sounds like when you go to restart remote that you are locking yourself out due to eddie gui

not allowing you to regain access after a restart

if i understood you correctly


i think if that is what you are stating yeah i've done that with ssh into a vps build, forget to turn xyz back off

before exiting thereby locking myself out via ssh and have to access my server through the hosting company's admin area

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