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AirVPN 7th birthday celebrations

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Congratulation. Does this mean I can by a renewal with the discount and only use it 6 months from now. Laughing out loud.


As for seven years and recognition of your services as being top notch, I guess this actually talks about the trust people put into

You. That is a validation of what you stand for.


You should be proud. And your role is the most relevant one can have with privacy being injured by lots of people.


I am old and one thing I know is that some young people, not generalizing, don't understand the importance of privacy, of freedom without cencorship, I lived in a time here everyone had privacy, cencorship leads to ignorance for free country, why would anyone want someone to decide what you read, thinking requires the ability to decide for ourself what makes sense. It allows people to b come critical about what they read. Therefore all the cencorship in countries where they don't want people to know what happens outside, and also have transparency issues about what is going on in there country..


This is why your services are more essential then ever.


Everyone should get this kind of service, even if just to advocate for these rights, and have your voice heard.


All this to say, it is very hard to aquifer right s such as these. Very easy to let them go. Like many do, Facebook, etc, I mean the disclosing of too much information. And it is pretty much almost impossible to regain a right we stopped fighting for.


It is quite a learning curve for me on the technological aspects. I know it scares a lot of possible users. But one day at a time, I hope it will become easier with time and use friendly, instinctive almost Rome wasn't built over nite.


Hopefully you will last long on the Italian government will stick to its liberal view as n his policies and regulation.


High five for all of you in Italy!!!


I apologize for not editing, was kind of doing it quick, but I figure people should be able to figure it out. Thanks for understanding, or not.

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Happy belated birthday !


I just signed up again, for a few months.


Tried others, but always come back to AirvPN, and also use Mullvad, as I personally believe that you guys operate the two best VPN's currently available, both offering substance over style, unlike some perhaps more well known, flashy VPN's.


Keep up the good work, guys !

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