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In the "Guide to Getting Started + Links for Advanced Users" under "Which other steps can I take to increase my privacy and security" it states:



  • If you're looking for a technical challenge, you can install pfSense on a very powerful computer, to make it act like a router, so that all devices connected to your Wi-Fi will be covered by the VPN.
  • If you're a geek or networking enthusiast, you can also check out things such as the Turris Omnia router, which offers very powerful hardware & software.


So my question is: What is the functional difference between the two? One's a small computer you recommend turning into a router. The other is basically a supped up open source router running openWRT. Upon inspection, I'm not quite sure why this router (Turris Omnia) was recommended over something like the Asus RT-AC5300. I'm essentially looking for the most secure router possible.

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Welcome to AirVPN!


The difference is that the Turris Omnia is a project specifically meant to provide a router that enthusiasts can play around with, while the ZBOX is an actual PC firstly. Both are just examples, to get people started with their own research however. Even just installing OpenWRT or similar firmware on your current router, is arguably already better and a security enhancement.


Of course it can get a little blurry. But note for example, that the Omnia comes with custom software, which does things like automatically keep the firmware up to date; a real benefit in security terms, if it works, since routers are often left in a corner and as such security updates are easily forgotten; if they're even provided by the manufacturer at all. The Omnia may also be more easily extensible. If you check their forums, you'll find many people swapping out parts in the Omnia, for some sort of performance boost or role-change. In addition, the Omnia is far more powerful than most of the typical consumer routers; even the "high-end" ones like the Asus one you listed.


You can for instance see how the Omnia (and Zbox) have more powerful processors, which is ideal for obtaining good performance levels with OpenVPN (which is what Air uses). Or how for instance, the Omnia can have up to 2GB RAM, while by comparison many of the "high-end" consumer routers have no more than 256MB. So in router terms, either the Zbox or Omnia can serve as better long-term investments than conventional routers. Likewise, the Omnia also gives you access to some ports which are a rarity, if not actually never seen(SFP), on consumer routers and which a PC may not come with. The Omnia should also be more "plug and play"ish than the Zbox, in networking terms. We've got guides around here for PfSense though.


It's really up to you and how involved you wish to get. Both are platforms with which you can build your networking dreams on . Note also that as I added those entries at different times, it wasn't intended to make it seem like a comparison between the two, but merely to point people in a direction, to do their own research, as many simply don't know where to start .

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