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Payment processor

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Hi Admins,

On the commerical plans page it says:

"You prefer other payment processor? Suggest it in our forums."

Well ... here are my 2 cents ;-)

IMHO the best option to pay for a VPN service is one that allows for complete anonymity. Since sending cash in an unmarked envelope isn't really advisable this means nowadays buying a voucher, PIN whatever by cash at a shop or gas station and then use it to buy the service. Fullstop.

With every other payment option, PayPal, AlertPay, you name it, the paranoid user has to trust the VPN service provider that payment data with PII is strictly separated from connection data and can't ever be brought together if and when the provider is raided by whatever official branch of government that seeks to identify the users of a given service.

That said, I don't really care if you were to offer PaySafeCard, uKash or another service, as long as it is one that is available to a lot of (potential) users in as much countries as possible.

Personally, I've used both services mentioned above and would prefer PaySafeCard since it's available in a lot of places and straightforward to use as a user.



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...if I were a woman I'd be crying right now 'cause nobody thought this post worthy of one reply :-(

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Some of the payment methods suggested in this thread have unacceptable conditions for us.

However, there is a simpler method to reassure the cautious (or "paranoid", as you define him/her) customer.

1) Contact us and require a coupon

2) Pay the coupon with your regular PayPal or AlertPay account

3) Receive the coupon via e-mail

4) Use the coupon to activate an account completely unrelated (different e-mail address, no sensitive data or nickname). Take care to activate the account when you're already connected to the VPN (for example, to the free server), so that, thanks to no logging, not even the activation may be related to an IP address. For the paranoid, it's better to use the coupon and activate the account while using AirVPN over TOR, or TOR alone.

In this way, no identity correlation between payer and account can be proved, legally or otherwise, not even if, for a mysterious "attack of madness" and business suicide will, we wanted to.

Kind regards

AirVPN admins

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