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Suggestion: Add multifactor/2factor authentication (MFA/2FA) for online logins and Eddie

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I have a suggestion that should increase security for Air and customers. My suggestion is for Air to configure an optional system of multifactor/two-factor authentication for logging in to the AirVPN website, as well as for the initial setup of the Eddie software (entering login details).


This can be enabled or disabled by the user and accomplished by either:

  • a smartphone app such as FreeOTP (which is open source and available for iOS/Android).
  • a hardware device such as Nitrokey (which is open hardware) or a similar USB one time password generator (Yubikey, etc.)


The user will be prompted on their phone or mobile device with a number to enter in additionally to their password.


This makes sure nobody but the authorized user has access to the account, profile, etc. Air would probably be the first VPN provider to have this as an option.






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Eddie is just a frontend for OpenVPN configs. OpenVPN was not designed with 2FA in mind, and doesn't support it without PAM, which in place requires excessive logging.

It makes sense to use 2FA on a corporate VPN where unauthorized access and compromised logins can be a big security risk, but on a public VPN where everyone can get

a free trial or buy a monthly subscription for the price of a coffee, this is not a huge advantage. Other providers didn't implement it for this same reason, I believe.

There is simply nothing personal to protect in terms of login information - except private messages on the forums and your 3 connection slots.

Occasional moderator, sometimes BOFH. Opinions are my own, except when my wife disagrees.

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