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Netflix & how to access/use it when VPN is connected

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Hi Flex,

Exactly what does the mssfix 1300 mean (or any of them for a non-technical user) ? 

Geo-blocking in Australia is a real problem.

Does the router mss packet size need to be reduced to fix the Netflix problem ? 

Not sure if my TP-Link modem/router/VoIP model TD-VG3631 lets me set it.

I've asked TP-Link tech support for MSS setting advice also.

I know I can set the MTU & it's currently 1492 which the router negotiates with the ISP server & network every time I reboot it.

Would appreciate your advice.


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@Keith and to all

I'm referring to Tomato & DD-WRT routers. In OpenVPN Client Configuration section where under Advanced settings/Custom Configuration are as--->>>


resolv-retry infinite

remote-cert-tls server

comp-lzo no

verb 3

mssfix 1100


And if the above doesn't resolve; lower the MTU from 1500(default) to 1300 in Basic:Network.

Then check if OpenVPN is detected on the link below. It should be

Fingerprint and OS match. No proxy detected (this test does not include headers detection).No OpenVPN detected.




P.S. Tested on Tomato routers and works on all AirVPN Canadian servers.

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