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Browser Bypassing OpenVPN on Android ("OpenVPN Settings" app)

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I'm using "OpenVPN Settings" on Android, because of an unfixed bug of Android which completely prevents me from using OpenVPN for Android. So I am sorry that I cannot use the recommended app.


I created an "Android" config file in the client area, but my first problem is that "/sbin/ip" was not found: iproute was at "/system/bin/ip" instead. I figured out that adding `iproute /system/bin/ip` to my ovpn config file fixed this.


Now the openvpn successfully connects either from terminal using `openvpn <filename.ovpn` or using OpenVPN Settings app.


But, my browser is still going straight to the web from my mobile network. My IP address is still my normal IP address when I look it up, though OpenVPN logs appear normal and successfully connected.


I have tried adding 'redirect-gateway' to the config file but it doesn't work.


I would love some support making this connection successful and secure as I would like to use my phone through VPN only for some tasks.


I have attached my logs.



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so i found your post (i understand more than a year later) from a google search, and a few minutes later i figured it out.  In case you never found an awnser, or more likely SOMEONE ELSE googled the problem and hasn't found the answer, i felt i should share what i did.

The problem (at least in my case) was on the client end. (Android client.)
all i had to do was 

In the app - click on VPN settings

Click Routing

Under IPv4 check box for "Use default Route"
Under IPv6 check box for "Use default Route"


reconnect, and check that ip baby... that's all i had to do.


Good luck to anyone reading this!



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