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best way to use AirVPN

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Hi all new here and newish to VPN's (used Hide my Ass many moons ago, mistake I know lol)


Anyways just looking for some help/advice on the best way to use Airvpn.


I'm currently running the AirVPN client with network lock enabled (on 1 laptop 1 pc using SSH on port 22) and was considering using OpenVPN client instead. I have a few questions i would like answered before hand however such as.


how easy it is to set up? pro and cons? will I need to download comodo and implement the firewall blocks that are mentioned in the how to? also regarding the use of SSH is there any advantages to it over using UDP or TCP security wise? As my ISP does no traffic management or shaping to these. what do you think is the best or most secure way


thanks in advance for any help or insight you may have



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if your ISP does not shape OpenVPN traffic, then direct UDP connections are the most efficient.


An additional SSL/SSH tunnel adds packets, protocol and encryption overheads. On top of that OpenVPN is forced to work in TCP mode, which is significantly less efficient for how OpenVPN works. So, under a performance point of view only, OpenVPN over SSL/SSH should be used only when strictly necessary.


Eddie usage is optional and we will never force our customers to use our software to connect to our service.


That said, unless you have some very specific requirement that our client can't meet (in which case, we would be glad to know them), we don't see a good reason for which you should drop it. Eddie developer has made every effort to keep maximum flexibility, freedom and comfort with Eddie. It is very much configurable in every aspect. You can define your own custom directives and routes, you can run your own scripts or programs when various events occur (App Start, App End, Session Start, Session End, VPN Pre, VPN Up, VPN Down) and you can run it either with its GUI or in command line mode. You have also total control on DNS. Eddie adds a remarkable set of commodities that are specific to our service, features an exclusive "OpenVPN over Tor" mode and checks all VPN servers to provide you with meaningful ratings which help you pick the best VPN server for your node.


Kind regards

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