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Hi Everyone,


I am currently trying to run AirVPN through an SSL Tunnel on port 443 as my default setting; however I don't show that port as open on my machine. It shows AirVPN running on port 50080. Is there a problem? Why isn't SSL Tunnel working?



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I suspect everything is working as it should be - port 443 would never be "open" on your machine anyway!

It sounds like you're confusing local and remote ports as well as destination and source ports:

  • stunnel connects to an AirVPN server's listening port 443 from an arbitrary, local source port.
  • stunnel then listens on another local port (usually 1413)
  • AirVPN-client/OpenVPN then connect to that local listening port in order to establish the OpenVPN session through the SSL tunnel

The local port 50800 you saw is either the local source port for the connection between OpenVPN and stunnel, or the local source port for the connection between stunnel and the AirVPN server.

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