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Config Generator Resolve All Ips

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Good afternoon,


There use to be an option on the config generator to resolve all ip in a group to have them in your ovpn file to connect at random.


I cant seem to find it any more, has it been removed?


thank you

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Yes, it has been removed.  You can workaround like this:

1. Select all servers of interest one-by-one (doing it by country no longer works)

2. In advanced mode, click the button called "Resloved hosts in .ovpn file"

3. Download the archive file which you will extract leaving you with a different ovpn file for each server you checked, all in the same directory.

4. To get out the ips you need, cd into the dir where you extracted them and:

grep 'remote ' *.ovpn | awk -F';' '{ print $2 }'

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Cheers pal.


Does anyone know any reason why it was removed?  I like to have the IPs so i can ensure im only using the AirVPN DNS servers

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Dunno why removed.  The work around I gave you work 100 % as good, with just a few extra steps that will take you 20 seconds to complete.  Enjoy.

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We had to remove that option because OpenVPN can't handle configuration files with more than 64 "remote" directives. Now, with the growth of our infrastructure, we now have various areas with more than 64 servers. The only other option we had to generate correct configuration files  would have been to over-complicate the generator, adding warnings for each case exceeding 64 remote directives and stopping the generation in such cases. We have evaluated that this would have caused confusion to a lot of customers. The advanced users who need this option can anyway easily circumvent the problem, as you have noticed. Just remember that with your method, if you build a .ovpn file including more than 64 "remote" directives, you'll end up with a non-usable configuration file.


Kind regards

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Just noticed this, too, and I don't like it. Even if I knew how to circumvent this. You just make all of us do more work.


I hope it will return one day - maybe in the form of a simple greyed out option if more than 64 servers were selected. You don't need warnings; warnings confuse people. Just ask a tech newbie.

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