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I'm interested in signing up for AirVPN, but I was wondering if someone could answer this question for me:


What's the best way to handle privacy when registering, paying, etc? Should I avoid paying by Credit Card and using my real email address?


Suggestions on what the best common approach is would be appreciated. 


Many thanks

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You might not want to use your primary / personal email address - just in case Air's database were ever to be compromised. But don't use a throw-away/invalid address either, you need it to reset your password.

I avoid credit card payments as much as possible, mainly to avoid profiling by banks, credit bureaus and payment gateways: why allow 3rd parties to keep permanent records of your payments?

That said, crypto-currencies come with their own flaws and leave their own trails (primer: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Anonymity) but the process is more transparent - thus allowing you to take control of it.

The bottom line is:
Reducing exposure of personal information is always a good idea, although it's difficult to measure tangible "benefit". Spend a sensible amount of time on minimizing data exposure, but always keep in mind that whatever you do, there's one important piece of data you can't hide: Your IP address that's connecting to AirVPN servers.

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