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best firewall and antivirus setup

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Hi everybody,

                      At the moment i am using Comodo internet security 8 and i like it.I have not noticed any security problems whilst using it but from reading some of the comodo forums its not as secure as CIS 7. I have used Airvpn's guide to block everything outside the VPN which is mainly why i use it. I would like to know some of the views from Airvpn and its users on what the best firewall and antivirus solution is.Also recently with the privdog issue bundled with comodo 6 and 7 and also its browsers i'm less sure that security and privacy is really their top concern.I have not been able to find a decent explanation about the privdog issue from comodo so am looking for an alternative. I am not a wreckless googler clicking on anything but i worry with the bugs in 8  i may not as secure as i thought. Some of the videos i've seen about how easy it is for those who know how to bypass its security make me wonder if comodo is still the best option for me. What do you guys think and recommend. This is the link about comodo 8 issues ( https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/do-you-still-think-that-comodo-v8-is-safe-to-use-t108660.0.html )

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Well according to privdog the problem was minor and is fixed but i am still a bit concerned about cis 8 bugs and security. I may go back to version 7.I would still like to know what the best setup for windows in your opinion is. Is there a good firewall testing app or site to test its defenses?

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I'm not up2date on the windows stuff at all, sorry.


You could however toss a small pfsense machine in front of the windows box. A strict pfsense float rule setup would work wonders and alleviate some of the inbound stress to comodo.


With decent rules it would also block non vpn traffic if the vpn dropped on the windows machine.

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For 8 years now I've been using Kaspersky as my main anti-virus software. In addition, I use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware's Quick scan, GMER Rootkit Detector/Rootkit Revealer and adwcleaner.exe.

On a "malware farm PC", when I execute them in a pre-defined order I usually clean up every computer quite thoroughly.


There's some discussion around here on why you cannot implement a network lock with Kaspersky's firewall similar to the one the AirVPN client does.

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I’ve tried a few and I second Malwarebytes. However, the only Antivirus software I trust scanning my computer is F-Secure. They have a fairly firm stance on privacy and offer a relatively cheap, effective AV.

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