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I'm Not Fully Understanding what's Happening....

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I signed up for the eval acct and I'm not sure I'm fully understanding what's happening here.  Installed Eddie on a Win7 PC on Fri PM.  Is all of my PC's traffic going thru the VPN tunnel and coming out on the other end of the AirVPN's server ?  I question this bec I looked at the upload/download stats and I thought I did more traffic than that in this eval period.  Speed seemed good and I didn't notice much if any difference using AirVPN vs not using it.  D/l'd a couple of non-trivial files from my private FTP server, I'm satisfied that there was no (noticeably) unreasonable overhead using AirVPN, which is part of the point of the4 eval.


Thanx for use the brain cells....

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Yes, all traffic should be going through the tunnel, unless something was misconfigured. I don't know much about Windows so I can't help you with specifics. You could try using a program to monitor all network traffic while connected to the VPN and then compare the output with the Air stats.

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How does one remote into/login the PC ?  I have a dynamic domain name pointing to my real IP, which is useless while the OVPN client is running.  Tried GOOGLEing "remote access" site:airvpn.org, but no joy.  TIA.


One more thing: my buddy wants one of these too.  Is there a way for us to establish a true VPN between our two PCs via airVPN and probably two DD-WRT or Tomato routers ?

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VPN between you and your buddy with just the routers.  Don't need Air for that.  One of you create a server, the other be the client.


To remote access while connected to Air: 1) setup port forwarding in your client area; 2) configure your server to listen on the port that Air assigns you; 3) access via the exit IP of the Air gateway.

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