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Eddie 2.7 Windows - bubble text

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Running the 2.7 client on Windows 7 x86.


The client is running fine, but the bubble text from the icon in the tray keep showing random things, like:

Waiting for latency tests (x to go), where x is a number from 60 to 0


Checking authorization ...

Authorization check failed, continue anyway (1)

Connecting to (server)


The last one just stays there until I click on it, but then it cycles through the Disconnecting/checking/connecting messages again.


Meanwhile, the logs show nothing interesting.  The VPN is up the entire time, data is flowing through the VPN, etc.


I have not tried disconnecting/reconnecting, which very well may "fix" this, but this appears to be a bug.


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I think its a Windows related bug. I have noticed this to happen, when some sort of full screen app is running (say watching a movie or playing a pc game) and the connection disconnects/reconnects. When you switch out of the full screen app and return to the desktop (ie the taskbar is now visible) the last few generated notifications get played all together. Looking at the logs wont show anything for that time frame, as the actual event happened a while ago. Another instance when this happens is, say you hibernate/sleep your machine while airvpn is connected. When you resume the machine, AirVPN will auto connect. If you wait a few minutes before unlocking the comp (by entering the password), then you will see the notifications get displayed all at once, even though the reconnection had happened a few minutes ago.


I have seen the same behaviour for notifications generated by windows apps, written by me. We (my team) never managed to figure out how to prevent it, though we didn't spend much time on it as we felt that the delayed notifications still had value. As for the last notification staying visible till we explicitly dismiss it, thats a li'l  irritating.

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Just wanted to pretty much concur with strideram's comments. I've seen the same from time to time on windows particularly in rdp sessions that are dormant and then get reconnected\ or one otherwise seems to trigger repainting\window activation where the desktop bubble text will sort of replay a few bubble texts that actually happened in the past while a session\window didn't have focus, it's one of those quirks that can be both annoying and occasionally helpful in my opinion.

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I am also having the same problem. Running windows 8 with a Geoforce 660M, and it tells me my video card does not support overlays. Is windows 8 not supported by Ventrilo?

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