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A very very simple question: can airvpn be used on mainland china inside great firewall?

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The day before yesterday i registered at private tunnel and try its OpenVPN connection. The funny thing is that i can never connect after installation. I know that great firewall is malicious and very strong. I want to buy a fast vpn for the whole family and it's harder than setting up a free vpn:)

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Our service is based on OpenVPN and OpenVPN connections are very often (but not always) disrupted in most China residential lines. This is possible because OpenVPN packets headers (not payload, which are of course encrypted) have some additional information for packet re-ordering that make them discernible (with DPI) from pure TLS/SSL connections.

In order to bypass the block, OpenVPN over SSL is necessary. The first SSL tunnel encrypts the OpenVPN "fingerprint" to make it not detectable. The method has been tested as successful since more than a year ago from various China areas, including Shanghai and Beijing.

Our client Eddie (for Linux, OS X and Windows) implements OpenVPN over SSL, that can be activated with a click. All of our VPN servers accept this connection mode.

In our client Eddie, select "AirVPN" -> "Preferences" -> "Protocols". Select "SSL Tunnel - Port 443". Click "Save", then connect to a server.

Kind regards

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Thanks a lot for your professional reply.


AirVPN can be connected today on ipad and desktop without enabling the feature mentioned above. 


I'll download tapatalk on my ipad to follow the development of Eddie. I'm looking forward to installing it on iPad and iphone ensuring the reliable performance.


The pricing of AirVPN is very attractive because 1 account is enough for a family of 3 mobile phones. As was mentioned in another post, this is critical for counterblocking the brainwash propaganda.


The downloading speed is 10 to 30 K or so during busy hours. Sometimes it just jumps to 300 k:) How can I make it smoothly faster?

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