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Only IPv6 is available and it leaks

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Hello my ISP is only providing IPv6 and somehow I don't get to fix the IPv6 leak when I use airVPN. Can someone help me out?

Best regards,


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Our service is based on IPv4 only at the moment. If you disable IPv6 in your system, do you lose connection with your ISP?


Kind regards

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I use IPv4 but you should be able to prevent leaks on IPv6 if you have a firewall that supports IPv6 installed. Also, it may work depening on if you're using Windows or Linux. Since I don't use Windows, I can only tell you how to do it in Linux. If you don't use Linux, try seaching for a firewall for windows that supports IPv6 or switch to linux You could also put the vpn client on an embedded computer like a Raspberry Pi and make it your VPN "router", so you can plug your Windows computer in it and keep using Windows while being fully protected (because of the transparent bridging).


On linux, use the utility "ip6tables". Just set it up like you would with regular iptables. You can find tutorials on this forum, like here: https://airvpn.org/topic/9139-prevent-leaks-with-linux-iptables/


Remember that with IPv6, there is no NAT to protect you. If you have a global-link address, you are reachable from the internet unless you run a firewall like ip6tables. Personally, I disable IPv6 just to be sure.


Here are some more resources:






It says here: "To implement simple security for IPv6 in, for example, a DSL- or Cable Modem-connected home network, the broadband gateway/router should be equipped with stateful firewall capabilities."


Also read about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stateful_firewall

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Wait, I just realized that my previous advice only applies if AirVPN supports IPv6 on their network, and they already stated above that they don't.


Did you fix it?

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