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When I read the reviews of this service I thought this was definitely the one for me.  I have a 10Mbps/1Mbps broadband connection which in whatever test I use comes out at over 10Mbps download and over 1Mbps upload - I am delighted with my ISP.  As you can see from the following AirVPN test I am far from happy with this VPN solution.  Am I doing something wrong or is there some configuration I can do so that the service approaches the level of service indicated in reviews?


Down: 2.271 Mbit/s Out, 0.281 Mbit/s In (12%), 10MB - Up: 1.109 Mbit/s Out, 0.236 Mbit/s In (21%), 10MB - Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 17:50:03 GMT - Buffers: 10MB/10MB - Laps: 3, Time: 2239.26 secs

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  Am I doing something wrong or is there some configuration I can do so that the service approaches the level of service indicated in reviews?

What config did you try? Auto?  If so I would suggest trying the various options 443 udp 443tcp 80, 53, ssltunnel etc.. and seeing which works best for the couple of boxes you're planning to connect to, going to depend on what if anything your ISP and upstreams may or may not be doing to traffic.

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Welcome to AirVPN, swainston. I am just another regular AirVPN user. As knighthawk mentioned, it would help to mention the following details -


- Are you running the openvpn client on your router or desktop/laptop?

- Are you running the latest Eddie client? Or are you using the standalone openvpn client? Which operating system, version?

- Which protocol, port combination have you tried? Some ISPs tend to block/throttle vpn connections on certain ports. Is your ISP listed under https://airvpn.org/forum/20-known-isp-issue/?

- Try Protocol UDP, port 53. Try different servers, instead of auto connecting to the recommended server, try a Netherland one, like Castor or Erikas or Julliet etc.

- Try the SSH or SSL tunnel options. They have a performance/speed overhead, but they are the last resort options.


AirVPN works wonderfully and whatever issues I have had, have all been ISP related. Just for comparison, if you previously had a VPN subscription from another provider, what settings worked properly?

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I am a newb,but i asked the specific question about speed and performance and was told having a cpu that supports AES-NI will encrypt and decrypt vpn traffic in real time,and the airvpn service itself uses AES-256 CBC,that's could be where your having issues,just google AES-NI and see how that relates to data encryption.and decryption.hopefully this helps you like it cleared things up for me.

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Thanks to Knighthawk, strideram and bama for your contributions.


I am using a Windows XP SP3 laptop with openvpm client.

What is eddie client - I just used what airvpn pointed me to

I have not tried any protocol/port combinations as I don't understand them - I left everything as auto except I did try various servers all to no avail.


I will try playing around with various combinations and see if I can improve things.

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The "Eddie Client" is the nickname for the AirVPN Client software, as oppossed to using any generic openvpn based software (which you can certainly use as well if you like but 'eddy' makes life a bit easier.  What you want to do is right click your AirVPN icon in the task bar once the client is open and prior to connecting to a server and select "Preferences" and then in those settings the "protocols" tab is where you may want to change the setting from "auto" (there were some issues with the new auto setting and the servers for some people) to specifically one of the various options, I'd start with 443-udp first and then move on from there to 80-udp 53-udp, then to the tcp version of the options and finally if you still try the ssh or ssltunnel options.

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Just to put your mind at rest (though I understand it doesn't actually help you), I have a 152Mbps cable connection and all AirVPN servers are able to max my bandwidth. So the problem is definitely not with AirVPN's servers or capacity.


Your laptop is running an outdated, insecure and unsupported OS and as such I assume comprises older hardware. AES and openvpn can be fairly taxing on hardware as the VPN requires constant real-time encryption and decryption. This may be a factor in your speed issues. Also your ISP might throttle VPN traffic (it happens), so try installing the Eddie client (links in the forum) and then set the protocol to SSL tunnel and see if that helps. 


Is your speedtest result from Air's own site? Their test tends to be inaccurate in my experience. I get poor results from their speedtest yet can fire up an Ubuntu torrent a few seconds later and get 152Mbps download no problems! So maybe try that for a better idea of speed.


Also be aware antivirus software can impact on speeds and you may wish to whitelist the openvpn/Eddie executables to avoid issues. For testing purposes you might wish to run a Linux live USB and do some speed testing with a torrent app (set the download directory as a folder on your hard disk not the local USB!). 


Good luck.

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