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Synology Station / AirVPN / Dynamic DNS

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I installed successfully an AirVPN connexion on my synology station using those instructions

The goal is to redirect all the torrent traffic (Download Station application) through the VPN tunnel.


The thing is that I have other services on this synology server, like cloud station etc.. To use those services I use a dynamic DNS name (currently at no-ip.org). Problem is that when I am connected through the VPN tunnel, those services don't work anymore.


What is the best approach to this problem ?


In my mind, the best would be to be able to split the traffic on my synology server i.e. to redirect only the traffic of the Download Station application through the VPN but not the rest. I have not been able to find a clear "How to do this" and I don't even know if it is possible.


Other possibilities would be to open some ports on the vpn servers I am using if I have understood correctly.


Thanks in advance if you have more detailed instructions or ideas on how to achieve this goal.



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Yes, as you correctly write, the most immediate solution without traffic-splitting would be to remotely forward ports on our system and optionally use our DDNS service for increased flexibility. Our DDNS updates your names records according to the VPN server your account connects to, so that they always resolve into the exit-IP address of that VPN server. You can have a maximum of 20 names. Limitation: DDNS will not work with multiple and simultaneous connections from the same account.


Kind regards

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OK thanks. Any hints on how to enable traffic-splitting on a synology device ?

In Synology NAS go to:

Control Panel -> Network -> Advanced Settings -> Enable Multiple Gateways


If your NAS connects to VPN, it will allow it to respond to WAN requests (your DDNS which points to real IP and not VPN IP).

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