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How To Set Up pfSense 2.1 for AirVPN

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i did the setup exactly, but i would like to limit access to web configuration only on the interface, the interface which go directly on internet

now if i try to get web interface from the pc connected to network card, i can see it. i do not like to have avaiable from that interface.


the reason is to harden, or to try to harden the firewall from every pc which goes in internet using vpn, and connected to interface.

can you suggest me which rule to add?


second question

if i want to limit every way to attempt to hack the router from every of the three network interface (and access the router only from the serial port) what i can do?


because i did setup the router using 2.2.6 version, i would like to mantain this version, unless there are necessary reason to upgrade to 2.3(now i do not know good reason to upgrade), but il 2.2.6 works well i ask you to explain how to do what i asked in this setup

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I have followed this great guide and have pfsense 2.3 working with airvpn 


But I have a server on my LAN which hosts an external webportal on port 19020 and I have been trying to configure forwarding for this port unsuccessfully,


My Setup is as follows

ISP Router  (Have tried setting as DMZ and the ports are forwarded to


Pfsense VM has 2 vNICS connected to 2 NICS

Pfsense WAN

PFsense LAN


Internal hosting Server, Ports are forwarded on AIRVPN website.


I have followed the guides and configured port forwarding, NAT and rules, but are unable to communicate with this port via the internet 


36198371351_cefdd2bc8c_b.jpginterfaces by special_xk, on Flickr

35526107343_23982bf8e9_b.jpgNAT by special_xk, on Flickr

36198273681_3cf725d30d_b.jpgNATout by special_xk, on Flickr

36165909232_9c65762c4b_b.jpgrules by special_xk, on Flickr

35526107823_bdf0de8344_b.jpgrules_wan by special_xk, on Flickr


35526298743_3bebb618f0_b.jpgfilewall_aliases by special_xk, on Flickr

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@Monkeh, have you followed this guide, or the other guide for pfsense 2.3?  The guide for pfsense 2.3 is different from this one and I'm confident that port forwarding has been discussed in that long thread.

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