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Found 1 result

  1. Hi AirVPN community! I am completely new to the world of VPN's and I find it quite difficult to understand some topics. I invested a lot of time in reading through the threads already and I read about a 70 year-old, among others, having the same difficulties as I do in some areas. I believe that the constellation of my "needs" is quite unique, which is why I started a new topic. I hope that this is not a problem for the moderators. Maybe it would be best to list my issues and what I understood from the comments in the forum. When I decided to buy VPN access, it came down to wanting: to be able to browse the internet for (political and other) news, do research, etc. anonymously, especially since the revelations about the NSA, etc. spying on everybody.to be able to use streaming services, VoD, etc. from various countriessecurity when doing monetary transactions (ebay, paypal, amazon, online-banking)anonymity coupled with speed for torrenting Now, from various threads in the forums I got to the following conclusions: For anonymity, don't mix identities - so while I am torrenting, I should not be on any social network.VPN's protect me when doing monetary transactionsI should configure my connections in a way to protect myself while torrenting in case of loss of connections, so my real identity does not get revealed, even if it is only for a couple of seconds. My questions and problems are the following: I am using a Mac running Mavericks and currently I use Tunnelblick. Should I stick with it or should I try the AirVPN Beta software for Mac? What are the benefits/disadvantages compared to Tunnelblick?Which countries/servers are the best for:Banking, Amazon, eBay, etc.?Torrenting?Surfing the web and doing research without needing to be paranoid?Before I can download the OpenVPN configurations for Mac I first need to choose various things in the Config Generator, such as continent OR country OR single server, etc. Later, it gives me more detailed options which I don't understand (connection modes, UCP, TCP, SSH, SSL, which ports to use, proxy, separate keys/certs, resolved hosts, bundle executables, etc.). I do understand some of the uses, but I get confused when needing to choose for my respective purposes. For the above-listed needs, what should I consider?Although I read quite a lot about the topic, I do not understand how to protect my connection when the connection to the VPN is lost temporarily while torrenting. I hope I explained my situation well enough and I am sorry if my questions seem stupid to persons more knowledgeable than me. I would be very happy to receive some suggestions, and, ideally, solutions to my problems. Thank you very much
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