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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, so today I stumbled across this weird issue: Running Debian 10.7 with qBittorrent 4.1.5 and OpenVPN 2.4.7, both from Debian Repos. My QBittorrent is configured to bind to the tun0 interface (using OpenVPN).As soon as QBittorrent establishes any connection the whole tun0 interface (not just qBittorrent traffic) is limited to around 10Mbit/s in Download and stays that way even after exiting qBittorrent.After restarting the OpenVPN connection I have full speed on tun0 again until I start qBittorrent again and it establishes any connection. Took me a while to figure this out and I have no idea what's causing this. How to reproduce: Do a Webbrowser Speedtest over tun0 while qBittorrent isn't running -> full speed. Start qBittorrent an wait for it to establish any connection. Do a Webbrowser Speedtest over tun0 again -> Limited to around 10Mbit/s. Any idea what's the problem here? How could qBittorrent throttle the complete interface just by running in the background? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I'm having another VPN issue, this time regarding FTP upload speeds. I followed this guide and it worked perfectly to connect to my FTP server, but trying to download something from the server is absolutely impossible. The first moment of connection will yield somewhere between 20 kB/s and 5 megs a second, but will deteriorate seemingly exponentially. I've let a connection run for half and hour or so, just to see what will happen, and the speed reaches a plateau at around 100 bytes a second. Obviously, I refuse to believe the VPN is at fault for this; I assume it's my ISP. I've checked out others with similar problems, but I haven't found any solutions. In total, I have tried to download the file via my own IP, a DDNS pointing to the VPN server, the VPN server's exit IP, and the LAN address. From the LAN address, everything is as expected - a speed that is normal for me, about 3 megs. When connecting through my WAN IP through port 21 (which is correctly forwarded), I get a connection timeout error (Something I need to investigate). When connecting through the VPN or the DDNS, the problem I described above plagues me. Below is what I monitored by eye when trying to download a file: 3.42 MB/s 19 kB/s 14 kB/s 12 kB/s 10 kB/s 9 kB/s 8 kB/s 7 kB/s 6.9 kB/s 6.4 kB/s 5.5 kB/s 4.8 kB/s 4.3 kB/s 4.02 kB/s 3.65 kB/s 3.21 kB/s 2.98 kB/s ... (it continues to fall, but I stopped the connection there) And here is the log that it gave. I don't know if the information will be useful, though, since I prematurely terminated the connection. If anyone can give me a hand, I'd really appreciate it!
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