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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, since configuring AIrVPN on my pfSense machine, I've been struggling to get Sky On Demand working. SKY Q box tells me "download failed". Before AirVPN config, all was good. AirVPN is connecting nicely and allowing me to browse. I followed nguvu's guide here to get 3 connections to AIrVPN so that I could have some resilience in case one of the OpenVPN servers failed. All my devices seem to be connecting to the internet. Only the SKY Q is lamenting failures with downloads of movies. DNSLEAK TEST is giving which is the AIrVPN exit node. When I do the extended test, I get 3 DNS servers, one for each of the OpenVPN connections I have up and running AirVPN's DNS Leak ipleak.net is also giving 3 DNS servers (the same as DNSLEAK TEST) and identifying me with one of the other AIrVPN servers in the Netherlands. So here doesn't appear to be a leak and the AirVPN routing seems to be correct too as its correctly exiting me in the UK by showing the UK AIrVPN exit node. So the question begs as to why and how Sky Q box is refusing to download the movies ("failed downloading"). Of course the Sky Q box has no log facilities ... so I have no hope of consulting that ... :-( Does anyone have a similar setup to mine with AIrVPN and is using Sky Q in the UK. I guess my next option is to let it through Clearnet (i.e. not through the VPN connection ....). Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. "Sorry, this website putlocker.co is not available through Sky. We are required by Court order to prevent access to this site in order to help protect against copyright or trademark infringement." How is Sky Broadband able to know what websites I am accessing whilst my VPN is activated? Android 7.1.1 , OpenVPN for Android from F Droid app store, Fennec (firefox) browser.
  3. Hi there, Currently I cannot access Sky TV (go.sky.com) connecting via the AirVPN client. This is a recent development - I could connect OK last week - but I have tried servers in Maidenhead, Manchester and London without success. It would be great to get this fixed. EDIT: iPlayer for the BBC seemingly not working either.
  4. Can't connect to the Sky Sports Mobile TV app, tried lots of uk servers. I was in Spain Janurary to early April and it worked fine, now I'm back and I get the error in the attached screen shot.... Any suggestions? Cheers.
  5. Hi everyone, I am currently having trouble accessing airvpn.org website on my normal internet connection.. I am currently connected to my work VPN. My wrt router can't seem to connect to any servers as well. The AirVPN app doesnt seem to work. I had no problem in the past. Is anyone on SKY Uk experiencing the same problems? Perhaps the AirVPN team can shed some light? Thanks, A.
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