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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I use Network Manager to configure my VPN with Linux, I generated the configuration with "Config Generator" and I imported it into the VPN section of Network Manager but if i check my ip on ipleak.net only IPv4 is under AirVPN. Is there a solution of this problem? Thanks to all,
  2. To connect I usually just download an .ovpn file and type in terminal "sudo openvpn <.ovpn file>" and the connection works. Or I go to gnome connection manager and "import saved configuration", import the .ovpn file and use that to connect graphically. However, I have noticed other vpn providers - they only provide these .ovpn files for Android. For ubuntu linux set ups they recommend manually importing the certificates and changing the settings in the advanced settings manually. Is there a difference in these methods? is one method more secure ? is it okay to just import a whole saved configuration from an .ovpn file for ubuntu linux, rather than manually entering the certificate etc ?
  3. Hello - using openvpn by importing vpn config files the normal way (not bundling executables). This works on Ubuntu 16.04 and Manjao 16.06 linux so far: I find it only works if I TICK on use LZO Compression (which by default is unticked). It does not work if unticked 1. May i ask why this is the case ? 2. Will this affect my anonimity or connection in any detrimental way ? 3. Will someone be able to update the guide on the How to for linux to update this ?
  4. Hey! I've got an annoying problem since today. Whenever i make a connection with OpenVPN windows analyzes the network type and decides it's domain (since the machine is on a domain). Would not be much of a problem, but my killswitch is based on that the ovpn-connection is treated as "public" not domain. Now, whatever i try to do, it still becomes domain. System: - Win7x64 on 2012R2-Domain, latest openvpn, nothing else (yet). What i tried: - setting every unknown/new network as public via GPO - also doing the same via local secpol - setting ndistype for the tapi-interface of ovpn - deleting nlm-cache, deleting routes, resetting ip4 completly - setting network type via registry Starts to drive me mad :-) Would be thankful for any idea!
  5. Hi. I use AirVPN in Ubuntu's network manager and would like to use it as tap0, as opposed to tun0, so that I can bridge my connection via ethernet cable to another device (one which is not as easy to configure) and have it connect to the Internet the same way a virtual machine would (i. e. connecting through AirVPN the way my PC would). Unfortunately, I have found no way to bridge (or otherwise sharee) the connection besides using a TAP device. However, upon changing the .ovpn files from 'dev tun' and 'persist-tun' to 'dev tap' and 'persist-tap', I have found that I am unable to access the Internet. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot out there on sharing a VPN connection via Ubuntu, so I'd appreciate any suggestions that you might have for me. Oh, and if this is possible, I wonder why AirVPN files pick TUN over TAP. Is it in any way safer? Would I be compromising security in this case to get a little more functionality?
  6. Hi just changed my OS to Ubuntu 12.04. Followed the instructions however every time I try to import one of the OVPN files downloaded I get an error message : "The file 'AirVPN_CH-Virginis_UDP-443.ovpn' could not be read or does not contain recognized VPN connection information: . Not sure what I am doing wrong. By the way I am new to linux environment. Thanks for nay help!
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