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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I have a strange problem: I'm using Linux Mint 17 (Cinnamon, 64-bit), no firewall settings applied. After connecting to AirVPN through the network-manager (using .ovpn config file imported) or using "Eddie 2.1 (Portable)" I cannot connect to my Jabber/XMPP profiles (i have two different profiles on two different jabber-servers, including Jitsi). I have tried Pidgin, Gajim and Jitsi. Pidgin cannot login into my accout, Gajim is seems to be connected but no one can see me logged in and I don't see any contacts online, and I cannot send/receive any messages - so I'm accually offline. When I am connected to Jitsi/XMPP account I can see other contacts and they can see me, but I cannot send messages only receive them and I cannot make/receive any calls. In all cases, when I use "Net Activity Viewer" application I see that there is a connection established from local address 10.4.x.x to a jabber-server on a remote port 5222 but still I cannot communicate. I have also tried to flush iptables settings just to be sure - it didn't help. // Just to be clear - I try to connect to XMPP after I have established AirVPN connection. Everything else working but XMPP. When I'm disconnected from AirVPN everything works just fine. // I was using AirVPN under Windows 7 and everything was working (with Comodo anti-leaking Global Rules applied). To be 100% sure, I have tried a clean install of Linux Mint 16 and 17 (both Cinnamon, 64-bit) on a flash drive. The problem repeated. There is more: I have tried to boot from Linux Mint Debian Edition (from a flash drive with installation iso image written on it) - there was NO problem connecting to XMPP accounts under AirVPN connection (using Eddie 2.1 Portable! I just don't know what to think about all of this... some kind of a mystery.
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