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Found 3 results

  1. I need a way to run the VPN only through the Chrome browser. I would like to keep all other functionality of the network in place. The most ideal would be a Chrome plugin that I could use my AirVPN credentials. This would be great so that only Chrome is effected and I could potentially disable it with the Chrome extension when needed. I searched through the forums but could only find this post which seems to have gone off topic. https://airvpn.org/topic/9911-setup-airvpn-as-a-proxy/?hl=%2Bchrome+%2Bonly I hope someone has an idea on how to implement this.
  2. I love browser extensions. I do because - well, they extend the functionality of browsers. They add new functions and make already available things better or easier. That's why it might be good to fund them, especially if they help you enhance your privacy/security. Now there is a topic to fund the NoScript browser extension. Many people know NoScript and its powers and they use it. Two million Firefox installations do. But there's more than NoScript. My idea is the following: Create a list of extensions that directly enhance privacy and/or security and fund them all. The list gets a budget and we split it up. This way we can help many projects in a shorter time and with less money - and the devs would still be thankful! I will start with those four add-ons - they all are available for Firefox: NoScript by Giorgio Maone Self-Destructing Cookies by Ove RequestPolicy by Justin Samuel Disconnect (as well as Facebook/Twitter/Google Disconnect) by disconnect.mePost other addons and ideas here. This may be an idea for May and a request for not funding NoScript alone. May projects funding poll lost. Let's see if it will win in the June poll Extensions which are up for election: NoScript by Giorgio Maone (script management, anti-script/anti-track, anti-XSS, anti-clickjacking) Self-Destructing Cookies by Ove (cookie management, anti-track) RequestPolicy by Justin Samuel (request management, anti-CSRF) Disconnect by disconnect.me (anti-track) BetterPrivacy by IKRG (similar to 2. Self-Destructing Cookies) DoNotTrackMe by Abine, Inc. (similar to 4. Disconnect) HTTP Nowhere by Chris Wilper (anti-HTTP , blocks unencrypted traffic) HTTPS-Finder by jacobsk...@gmail.com ("finds" HTTPS when browser connects to a HTTP website) Referrer Control by muzuiget (referrer control, anti-track) Perspectives (SSL certificate checking without using CAs)Addons not mentioned, reason (bracketed) or linked... AdBlock Plus/EdgeHTTPS-Everywhere (the EFF does much more things - maybe open a separate No-Profit thread for them?!)Convergence/Convergence Extra (don't seem to be actively developed)Ghostery (indirectly mentioned)DNSSEC/TLSA Validator (not open source)
  3. This is an excellent talk about current fingerprinting methods that don't need to rely on cookies or user agent strings. It also sheds light on how ineffective certain kinds of "privacy-enhancing" addons are at spoofing user-identifiable information - in some cases they even increase the risk of being uniquely fingerprinted. Link to video at SecurityTube.net: http://www.securitytube.net/video/8943
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