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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everybody, First off, I'm a bit of a VPN newbie - I've researched loads of various possible VPN providers and settled on AirVPN due to great reviews from real people (not stooges as far as I can tell), and an emphasis on privacy on community. These are more important to me than flashy big companies and promises. I've *just* joined AirVPN, chose the yearly pack due to the discount that ends today (and honestly I'm happy to give to a community like this, even if AirVPN doesn't work out in the log run, it was a conscious and informed decision to go the yearly route). My issue is that I'm getting extremely slow speeds having just installed the client. I've selected a few of the more recommended/speedier servers based on forums both here and other places online, and it's still very, very slow on all of them. I've searched forums but there really isn't many posts about slow speeds that I can find. I'm in Australia on cable internet. My non-VPN speed averages 30-35 Mbps. When the VPN is connected the highest speed I've had is 1.8 Mbps. My PC is decent - i5 2.8Ghz, 24GB RAM, Win 7 64 bit. I'm using the AirVPN client to connect using Automatic settings and Automatic Server (but have swapped around since to try to find faster locations). Not sure what else to say. I've got Comodo firewall which I've seen causes some issues sometimes with VPNs but I've allowed the relevant .exe and ports through and made the AirVPN client a Trusted Application. Is there something I'm missing? What could I try so that I can get better speeds? I've heard from other Australians that they can get 20-25 Mbps, so being under 2 Mbps makes me think it might be me, that I've done something wrong or not done something extra, or at least that it's on my end. Sorry for posting this as my first post.. I only get 1 post a day at the moment so I wanted to see if there was any help or tips people could provide before I can post back tomorrow. Not sure what other info is required - again, I'm not VPN savvy. Thanks in advance, I very much appreciate any help! Cheers
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