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Found 5 results

  1. So, here we go again. The Persei server located in California refuses to magnet link ANYTHING or download torrents from rarbg.to at decent speeds. But a few days ago it was just fine and fast as usual. I had this problem a few months ago, and once last year as well, and now it is back. Again. I have to switch servers, any server (Heze or Aquila in California or Pisces in Canada), then do the magnet link, THEN it downloads. If I then switch back to Persei it downloads, eventually. Also, the Status of most every URL in the Trackers is "Not Working" when I am on Persei server. But, right now I am on Pisces in Canada and most all are Working. Once I got back to Persei, Not Working again. There is something with RARBG and Persei server that they just don't like each other all the time. It goes away in a few weeks and everything works fine, then it comes back again. Does anyone have any idea what this is?
  2. When I connect to any other IPv6-enabled AirVPN server using the Eddie client, I can go to ipleak.net and it will show me the server's IPv6 address and I am able to browse IPv6 only sites. However, two of the Fremont, CA, USA servers, Heze and Persei, both say that they are IPv6 supported on the airvpn.org status page and in the client when you connect to them you can see the IPv6 address, but when I go to ipleak.net on any one of these two servers, the IPv6 test fails, and I am not able to browse IPv6 only websites. I think maybe there is an issue with the configuration on the servers or something like that.
  3. Hello, I tried to register an account on MercedesForum.com and Persei's IP was blocked. I was redirected to StopForumSpam. If you browse to the linked page from behind Persei, you'll see the same information I saw. I haven't tried from other servers. Regards, anonym
  4. Hello, When I tried to browse craigslist.org and my local craigslist site (a subdomain of craigslist.org) while connected to Persei today, I received the following message: "This IP has been automatically blocked." with an email address for more info. Can someone contact Craigslist to get Persei's IP whitelisted? Thanks, anonym
  5. My client (v. 2.3) goes through unending connect/disconnect cycles when trying to connect to Persei. It has been unusable for about 10 days. I have been able to connect to and use Heze as well as several other servers in Chicago and Manassas. But since I live in California and I have 2 machines using the same account, need to use both of the servers in Freemont.
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