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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, Firstly - my machine is a Surface Pro 3 running latest Windows 10 and latest downloadable AirVPN client from website. I am running standard Windows defender (windows firewall etc) and everything is up to date in terms of updates (as far as Windows update tells me). I noticed a strange issue last night with my AirVPN client. All of a sudden, and for no apparent reason (I was streaming Euro16 on ITV player), the stream cut out and wouldn't load. I refreshed the page, did all the normal stuff, culminating a reboot. Once I rebooted, the AirVPN client started up and connected to a server. All seemed fine for about 15 mins. Then the same thing. I started investigating. On checking the AirVPN client I was apparently downloading at roughly 800Kb/s. "What could this be?" I thought. I made sure to close down every app except for AirVPN and my task manager. Within the task manager the "OpenVPN Daemon" process was using the network at 8Mbps (ish). This didn't seem right. Why would OpenVpn be downloading something that I hadn't told it to? I closed AirVPN and everything returned to normal, the OpenVPN process ended and I had bandwidth to watch the rest of the football. Anyway, I did a bit of reading and found there were some security flaws with openvpn.exe v2.3.8. I'll be honest, I didn't read too much into them as AirVPN staff seemed adamant that there was nothing to worry about and that all flaws had been dealt with. I uninstalled AirVPN, downloaded latest from the website and re-installed. I noticed that v2.3.8 was still installed with latest AirVPN. After re-installing the problem re-occurred. I'm not a security expert, but something doesn't feel right about VPN software downloading a very large amount of data to my machine and not telling me where it is going. I went to the OpenVPN site and downloaded the latest (v2.3.11). I installed it and then copied the openvpn.exe file to the AirVPN program directory. I had to re-enter details etc, but so far the problem seems to have been sorted. I've got Wireshark running and some other diagnostics tools to monitor what's coming into my computer now. Questions: does this infer a security flaw in v2.3.8?should I be concerned about the amount of data that seems to have been downloaded to my computer? (I say "seems" because I have no way of tracking what has been downloaded, only that my bandwidth was completely gone and AirVPN and my task manager seem to confirm a large amount of data being downloaded)should I be concerned about what data could have been downloaded?how can I track where the data has been placed?Cheers eyPrince
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