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Found 2 results

  1. It would seem that in an effort to shill for the Chinese Government, Mojang has decided to ban all users on VPN's from connecting to the login servers needed to access the game. In doing so, they hope to force all Chinese players to fall back to the Chinese government approved version of Minecraft. All VPN users should now be logged out when connecting and fed the message "Invalid username or password" When emailing Mojang about the issue, they recommend connecting without a VPN to fix the issue, and in one instance in the reddit thread below, a user was informed that their account was outright banned for using a VPN (However it is unknown if this was because of a previous infraction such as bypassing server bans etc.?) And told to use the Chinese version instead. https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/5vwve1/mojang_now_ban_accounts_for_vpn_usage/ Now i personally do not play Minecraft that much at all anymore, but because of this i cannot access my game simply for trying to protect my privacy, and I'm not even from China. I Refuse to remove the VPN connection simply to play a game, and no one else should have to either. Sadly, i already purchased the game a very long time ago, so i cannot boycott them, but i can certainly spread the news of what they are doing, so that other VPN users looking to play the game should know either not to buy it, expect to disconnect if you do, and if you don't you will have to get the game through other means to retain the ability to play when connected to VPN's.
  2. Hello there. I discovered the following issue: Since roughly a week I can't log in to my Mojang account from the Minecraft launcher or Minecraft.net / Mojang.com. I always got the error "Invalid credentials", they were correct though. After some time I figured out that the problem was my VPN-connection. I'm always using AirVPN's Dutch servers. So I did every time when logging in to Minecraft previously and it worked, until last week. Further I found out that I can't log in from Swiss servers and that I can log in from German or Swedish servers. So I found a workaround. I contacted the support, but they couldn't help me. So I want to ask here how that can be? I'm really curious, what the problem might be. I hope I can find an answer here. Thanks in advance
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