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Found 2 results

  1. I use AirVPN when working from home. I rdp into a work computer. Question: How do I get all the exit_ips from AirVpn? How do I know the exit ip of my session. I did not remember the server I was using. But always use a Canadian as, as that has the lowest latency and are physically closer to me. I think it was titawin and tried: nslookup ca.all.vpn.airdns.org dns1.airvpn.org (but these and nslookup titawin_exit.airvpn.org (I think I was using the server, and the log was gone next morning when I started up. This one did not match My work IT security sent this notice to me: Threat Intel: VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/ip-address/ 2 detections Anomali: Severity: LOW Confidence: 100 Hi:100 Lo:7 Avg:62 Status: Active Type: IP (TOR Node IP) Indicator Tags: Actions on ObjectivesAPTCommand & Control (C2)DeliveryExploitationInstallationmalwareransomwareReconnaissanceWeaponizationzero-dayFastnode_name=tobor8888Runningtcp-0tcp-46410tor_version= BlockAction: QradarExhangeGeneric Malwarehttps://twitter.com/JAMESWT_MHT/status/1450064258184720388https://twitter.com/pr0xylife/status/1447556826451611649https://twitter.com/pr0xylife/status/1450365853430603783https://twitter.com/pr0xylife/status/1450378118905147395IranianJAMESWT_MHTMalwareO365pr0xylifeBlocklist-Brute-Force-IPs URL: https://ui.threatstream.com/detail/v2/ip?value= Just trying to confirm an AirVPN ip is not triggering this for work. (that ip is a server in Toronto Ont) Thoughts? Thanks, Veep
  2. On the result page of on https://ipleak.net there is a referens to "AirVPN Exit Node". What is an "AirVPN Exit Node"? Why does ipleak.net check for "AirVPN Exit Node", is it a security/privacy issue in some way? Who becomes an "AirVPN Exit Node"? And under which circumstances could/will this happen? What is the result/impact/downside of being an "AirVPN Exit Node"? Will it limit functionality/access or anything else that would be available otherwise? If being an "AirVPN Exit Node" is a "bad" thing, can it then be avoided? is there any documentation available on "AirVPN Exit Node"?
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